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It's a question for all women, who used to be in Kitchen. 

To make the best use of a refrigerator and to take care of it one has to follow some rules, which is giving here and its a few general rules.

1. Do not keep hot foods in the refrigerator in the mistaken belief that it will cool quickly. But warm foods will raise the temperature of the other foods and will cause steaming and dampness. It will also cause damage to the thermostat. It is much better to allow hot foods to cool to room temperature before storing.

2. It is important that all foods should be covered to prevent flavors from mixing. It also prevents evaporation of moisture from the foods. The moisture settles on the freezing unit and hinders the efficient operations of the machines. Cooked food may be stored in glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Fruits and vegetables are best packed in polythene bags.

3. A refrigerator has to be defrosted once a week or ten days. Disconnect the machine and empty it. It is convenient to have a basket for the purpose. Empty the entire contents into the basket and keep away during the process of defrosting, and put them back in the proper places after the operation. For quick defrosting, fill the ice trays with hot water and wait until the ice has melted, but do not prod it. Wipe the shelves with soap water and mop up with clean water. A solution of sodium bicarbonate is recommended if there is any offensive odor. Dry the inside with cloth before restarting the machine. however, now we have the facility of automatic defrosters. 

4. The outside of the refrigerator should also be wiped every day to keep off dust and moisture, especially during rainy season. 
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