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Fresh Fish is one of the most delicious and nutritious food that God has provided for man. Low in calories, but high in protein, fish is ideal for weight watchers. Fish is fine for the unexpected guest as it cooks in minutes. Owing to its easily digestive quality, it is recommended for babies and invalids. It is a blessing for heart patients.

Crustacean are the high protein variety, such as prawns, shrimps lobsters and crabs. Addition of vinegar or any acidic ingredient softens the fish and improves the digestive quality of this species and also masks the peculiar odour pertaining to them. 

Cooking fish is quick and simple. Steaming, boiling, baking, broiling are some of the methods. Whatever you choose, do not over cook or over heat for it tends to turn tough and dry. Fish is ready when it flakes at a touch of the fork. It is always impressive when a whole baked fish is served on a platter decorated with sauce and garnishing. When baking, allow about 10 minutes per pound in a hot oven. The thicker the fish the longer it takes to cook. Wrapping fish in a tin foil will seal the juices. Fish  sizzling on a grill gives out pleasing and appetizing smell. 
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