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Understanding cooking terms is necessary to follow new recipes. So here given the detailed meaning of technical words commonly used in cooking.


BATTER : A fluid mixture of flour, egg, milk or water

BEATING : A method used to mix thin mixtures or liquids

BLANCH : Immerse briefly in warm water

BLENDING : Mixing two or more ingredients thorough

CENTRIFUGING : Separating something through the application of a whirling force. For example, separating cream from milk

CHOP : Cut

EVAPORATION : Removal of excess moisture by heating

FOLDING : Mixing ingredients by a careful lifting and dropping motion

GRATE : Reduce to fine particles by ribbing over a rought, sharp surface

GRIND : Reduce to small fragments by crushing in a mill, a grinding stone etc

KNEADING : Make something into dough

MASHING:  A method of breaking up soft foods such as cooked potatoes or vegetables

MILLING : A method used to remove the husks of cereals

PARING : Remove surface layers by in a circular motion, as in paring an apple

PEEL : Strip the skin from a fruit or vegetable

SAUTE : Fry quickly in a little hot oil or fat

SCRAPE : Move a hard edge across a surface, to make it smooth or to remove

SHELL : Remove the external cover

SEIVING : Passing through a mesh to remove imourities, to bread down to even portions or to enclose air

SIMMER : Keep bubbling or boiling gently

STEEPING : Extracting colouring and flavouring by allowing ingredients to stand in water generally at a temperature just below boiling point

STIRRING : Mixing foods with a suitable tool such as a spoon by circular motion in contact with a suitable tool

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